Biomathematical Model of the Translation of mRNA
Biomathematics of Cancer.

Michel Dulac


The theory that is being developed in this work, covers more than 21 years of thinking, designing and studying phases of development. It is based on mathematical concepts such as periodicals and the division at the base 21, and we’ll see why in the following pages. With this theory I stand up my view that there would exist at the level of the gene translation into amino acids through the RNAm, an internal organization that could be explained by using a mathematical model, illustrating at the same time, a quantification of amino acids and a translation process revealing that the presence of the vector of organization that somehow exists among non-living matter (taken directly from the periodic table of elements) would also exist in the basis for the development of the living world.

Today, we know that there is no explanatory theory justifying or explaining logically how a three-dimensional shape of a protein can be programed as 4 letters at the DNA level because we can’t deny this fact, this three-dimensional shape setting out a specific functional group for a specific work is, in fact, precisely coded in the form of four letters. It is not only the amino acids that are coded, but also this three-dimensional form as a functional group with a specific role at the top level of the organization; that the protein may play an enzymatic and structuring role, necessarily and logically this implies a form of organization that could be explained suitable by the use of mathematics.

From my point of view, there is also nothing (due to the supposed degeneracy of the genetic code) which explains the preference of a codon over another one at the level of the gene composition when, as we know it, they code for the same amino acid.

The case of the ribosomes for which we suspected to play an increasingly important role at the level of the translation of the RNAm is always a poor participant at the current level of knowledge. We wonder what may well serve all these proteins, these little fragments of DNA and RNA which they possess in large quantities.

And finally, when we see that cancer can have its origins at the level of a damaged and not repaired DNA and not knowing the process engaged. I do not pretend to hold the first truth in what will follow, but I am convinced, and that is a fact, that science is in constant evolution. We always build from elements put in place by other builders, builders whom I respect and try to follow in their footsteps. This theory is not perfect, it has many unresolved facets, it claims to a fundamental basis perhaps, and I hope, a new direction that may lead to new developments, new ideas and all this, through biomathematics.

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