Biomathematical Model of the Translation of mRNA
Biomathematics of Cancer.

Michel Dulac

I - Description of the mathematical model :

1 - Parallel between the mathematics division and the translation of the mRNA

The elements involved in the division in mathematics:

If we compare the mathematical division to the translation of the RNAm, when a division occurs in mathematics one realizes that it’s a true reading of the dividend by the divisor that is happening, and that the result of the operation is a response that corresponds to the dividend, but expressed as another form through the divider ;(corresponding to the quotient of the division). Here we see that the process of division in mathematics allows us to translate what is in one form to another form, being merely the application of the figures..

When there is a mathematical division, there is a parallel or a striking analogy to the process of enacting the translation of the RNAm and the mathematical division.



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