Biomathematical Model of the Translation of mRNA
Biomathematics of Cancer.

Michel Dulac

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II - The role of periodicals

1 - Division without any return1 and endless

In my view, the case of periodicals in addition to being a useful tool in the development of this mathematical model perhaps could reflect in its operating mechanism the cancerous process of the mathematics that could be applied to the living world. When we solve a mathematical problem and that it is taken at the level of a division that starts such a process which is intended to be without return and endless (we just have to think about dividing [1/3] =), we should not be too steadfast in our desire to solve this operation in order to get a final and correct answer, otherwise, we would still be trying to make the division many years later due to the mechanism of division set in motion indefinitely at the level of its process.


1) No return: From my understanding, it means that we can’t get again the dividend from the multiplication of the quotient by the divisor.

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